Operational expertise from entrepreneurs who have built and sold companies.

Halo is a venture consultancy that helps emerging company scale sales operations, marketing automation, and product innovation.

Our Services

Halo provides services help align sales and marketing using a proven strategy that streamlines operations while proving measurable results.

Halo Marketing Map™

Halo provides CMO-Level support to help companies create a marketing roadmap based on strategy based on key success benchmarks.



Halo MarTech Tune Up™

Halo helps companies create a streamlined sales and marketing technology system that scales as business grows.


Halo Marketing Machine™

Halo has a team of marketing experts who can provide ongoing technology and marketing services.

Our Background

Please view our AirDeck presentation for a narrated walkthrough of our capabilities and experience. You can also schedule a meeting time directly for a 15-minute discovery meeting by clicking the contact button below.

Website & UI Design Portfolio

Companies we helped scale

“It makes a huge difference when you work with a team that has been there in the trenches like you are. Halo helped us modernize, refine, and improve our web application, using two of the most underrated skills in software: talent and experience. Their expertise in UI/UX really made a difference with our project, helping us create a stunning look and feel that is easy for our clients to use. I could not recommend Halo enough.”

Matt Davis

CEO, gameFI

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